The following peaks were listed on various FTFC lists at some time, then removed.

Wildcat Ridge "E" Peak 4030
Mt Hancock NW Peak 4020
Bigelow Horns, N Peak 3792
Mt Tecumseh, W Peak 3766
Mahoosuc Arm 3765
Mt Abraham, Middle Peak 3765

The maps used for the original list showed the "E" peak of Wildcat as higher than the "D" peak (with an insufficient col between them to justify listing both). Newer maps show the "D" peak as higher, so it has replaced the "E" peak on the lists of NH Fours.

All others were originally on the NE Hundred Highest list (older maps showed the NW peak of Mt Hancock as below 4,000 feet). The NW peak of Mt Hancock, W peak of Mt Tecumseh and N peak of the Bigelow Horns were all removed because newer maps showed in all cases the col separating them from their neighbors was insufficient. Mahoosuc Arm and the middle peak of Mt Abraham were displaced from the lists to make room for peaks which now are shown as being higher.