I have attempted to answer the most common questions that appear on the bulletin boards that deal with hiking and peakbagging in Northern New England (Maine, new Hampshire and Vermont). If you have suggestions for further questions please post them on the site's Peakbagging Forum.

Unless mentioned explicitly, information here applies to the normal hiking season, which extends roughly from Memorial Day to Columbus Day. Conditions in winter, and in the potentially equally dangerous late fall and early spring, are very different and require a completely different approach. Late spring is Mud Season, when there is a mixture of mud at lower elevations and melting snow at higher elevations, it leads to unpleasant hiking and to damaging erosion of trails.

Four Thousand Footer Club FAQ

Distance, Elevation and Difficulty

Presidential Traverse and Similar Insanities

To enliven the Q&A on Presi Traverses I am including a report on my 2001 Presi Traverse Attempt.


These questions do not fit into broader topics, they may be moved when a more suitable home for them is found.

What Hiking Maps Exist for the White Mountains?