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I have a fairly large collection of hiking maps of New England, I hope that others will find this information useful. As a first step I am describing maps that cover the WMNF plus the AT north of Mount Moosilauke, the area covered by the White Mountain Guide. I hope to add similar pages on southern New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine later. I will not describe the various USGS quads (topos), but only the many maps derived from them. Note that topographic maps are almost essential for bushwhacks. I have acquired almost all of these maps from The Mountain Wanderer map and bookstore in Lincoln, NH.

I have not included maps of the area covered by the Southern New Hampshire Trail Guide (Cardigan, Monadnock, Wapack Trail, Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway, Castle in the Clouds).

For each map I will describe:

Maps of the Whole State

I will describe these much more briefly than the hiking maps, as I use them mainly for driving or for general geographic orientation.

Official New Hampshire Road Map

This map is available (free) at all rest stops on major highways and is the basic driving map for the state.

DeLorme New Hampshire Atlas and Gazetteer

Useful for trailheads that are on lesser roads. The roads to most of the major trailheads in the White Mountains are well shown on the hiking maps, outside the White Mountains the atlas becomes much more useful. 80 pages, $19.95.

Topaz Maps Outdoor Travel Series: New Hampshire

An excellent overview of recreational areas in the entire state, I find it very useful when reading about an area that I am not familiar with. Printed on waterproof material, 4" by 9" folded, $8.95

Maps of the White Mountain National Forest

Here I will describe maps that cover all (or most) of the White Mountains, in the order in which I use them.

AMC Maps

These are my constant hiking companions! They are available as a set of three paper maps (included with White Mountain Guide) or four Tyvec maps (sold separately). The set of 4 maps consists of:

They all share the same features, except for the scale. For the paper set maps 1 and 2 are combined, with the larger scale maps and the text on the reverse sides of the tyvec maps omitted. There is considerable overlap between maps.

National Geographic (Trails Illustrated) Maps

A set of two maps covering the White Mountain National Forest printed on waterproof material:

The maps are both in the same format, with minimal overlap. They were produced in partnership with the AMC, and use the AMC GPS data for trails. Both share the same features:

White Mountains Trail Map by Map Adventures

A single two sided map printed on waterproof material.

DeLorme's Trail Map & Guide to the White Mountain National Forest

The newest (2003) edition is now on waterproof material, the whole map is on one side with very brief trail notes on the back.

Forest Service Map of White Mountain National Forest

The official Forest Service map, printed on ordinary paper. Like all Forest Service maps it is not topographic (no contours), and has miscellaneous information on the back.

Winter Trails in the White Mountains

This map (which does not really fit in any section) shows many of the Forest Service XC ski trails, as well as a few hiking trails described as "suitable for skiing". It has three separate maps showing the Twin Mountain, Pinkham and trails on both sides of the Kancamagus Highway. Unfortunately it does not show the ski trails around Smart's Brook. It is printed on tyvec.

Local Maps

I have quite a large collection of local maps produced by various mountain clubs and trail associations. In the White Mountains they add little to what is found on the major maps, but south of the White Mountains they are the only source of accurate trail information (the trails shown of USGS quads often bear little resemblance to reality). I will list them in a very rough north to south order. When the sponsoring organization has a web site I give a link to it.

Cohos Trail Map

The Cohos Trail Association publishes a set of nine paper maps of the trail, which runs (or will run, it is very much a work in progress) from the southern boundary of Cohos County to the Canadian border.

Randolph Mountain Club Map

The full title is "Randolph Valley and the Northern Peaks of the Mount Washington Range". An outstanding map printed on tyvec. It is published by the Randolph Mountain Club both as a standalone map and in conjunction with their Randolph Paths guidebook.

Bradford Washburn's Map of the Presidential Range

A classic map by a great explorer and cartographer. Very accurate, the AMC uses it as its reference map for the area it covers, preferring it to the USGS maps. Printed on paper (the tyvec version is no longer available).

A good description of the ten year effort (1978-1988) to develop it is given in Appalachia, December 1990 and June 1991. The trails were surveyed to great accuracy using conventional (pre-GPS) surveying tools.

Bradford Washburn's Map of Tuckerman Ravine

A highly detailed map of Tuckerman Ravine, subtitled: "For Hikers, Skiers, Scientists."

AMC Pinkham Notch Area

Subtitle: "Includes hiking tips, safety information, and description of hiking and skiing trails."

WMNF Mountain Bike Map, Pemigewasset Ranger District

While it is designed for mountain bikers, I have found it very useful for snowshoeing or XC skiing as it shows many logging roads not clearly shown on other maps. Many routes are described on the back of the map. Printed on waterproof material.

Rob Brook Area Mountain Biking Trail Map

This map was designed by Larry Garland, and has much of the look and feel of the AMC maps. It is printed on waterproof material, and is suitable for skiers and snowshoers as well as for mountain bikers. Many routes are described on the back of the map.

Waterville Valley Trail Network

Two sided map. On one side is a map of the XC ski area, showing groomed trails, ungroomed XC skiable trails and the start of many hiking trails. On the other side is a map of a much larger area, with hiking trails and ungroomed XC ski trails. It shows the WMNF XC ski trails around Smart's Brook, which are not shown on the AMC Winter Trails map.

Chatham Trails Association Map of the Cold River Valley and Evans Notch

A tyvec map of the area on both sides of Rt. 113, with elevation profiles of major trails on the back.

Chocorua Mountain Club Map of the Chocorua Region

This is a reprint of the old (pre-Larry Garland) AMC map, with a panorama from the summit drawn along the border.

Wonalancet Outdoor Club map of the Sandwich Range

A tyvec map of the Sandwich Range, with short trail descriptions (including distances between junctions) on the back.

Bradford Washburn Map of Squam Range

Another beautiful map! Full coverage of Squam Range and Rattlesnake Mountain.

Squam Lakes Association Squam Trail Map

A map printed on waterproof material covering the Squam Range, Red Hill and the southern approaches to Mount Sandwich.

Map Adventures Vermont-New Hampshire Hiking Map

One side of this map has a collection of Vermont hiking maps, and on the other side are a pair of maps covering most of the AT from Hanover to Kinsman Notch.