Here are pointers to the lists for the AMC Four Thousand Footer Club (FTFC), as well as related lists in the Northeast. For more information on the Club see the Four Thousand Footer Club FAQ page. Also check out my page on other lists of peaks for greater hiking variety!

Application materials (Excel spreadsheets and PDF forms)

The 4,000 Footer Committee has official application forms, plus a lot of introductory material, on their web site. These forms are in PDF format, so you must print them and fill them out manually.

To accomodate those who prefer filling out the forms on their computers, the Committee will accept applications printed directly from a spreadsheet if it is in the required format. I have included spreadsheets that are acceptable to the Committee; you can fill in the dates and comments as you bag the peaks. I have packaged them as a compressed (zip) archive together with a copy of the official application form. You can download it, then unzip it, to get the official application form, as well as three spreadsheets, one for each list.

I strongly urge you to read the introductory material in the official application form early in your peakbagging quest, but in any case before submitting your application.

Lists kept on this site (HTML)

The lists listed below are read-only (i. e. unsuitable for use as applications):

Pointers to lists on other sites