Here is the Appalachian Mountain Club's Four Thousand Footer list for Vermont and Maine. For a general discussion of the lists and their history check out the peakbagging section of this site. You can also get an Excel spreadsheet which you can save on your own computer to record your bagging progress, the Four Thousand Footer Committee will accept the spreadsheet as an application.

Vermont 4,000 Footers
Mt. Abraham 4,006
Camel's Hump 4,083
Mt. Ellen 4,083
Killington Peak 4,235
Mt. Mansfield, the Chin 4,393

Maine 4,000 Footers
Mt. Abraham 4,050
Bigelow Mtn., Avery Peak 4,090
Bigelow Mtn., West Peak 4,145
Crocker Mtn. 4,228
Crocker Mtn., South Peak 4,050
Katahdin, Baxter Peak 5,268
Katahdin, Hamlin Peak 4,756
North Brother 4,151
Old Speck Mtn. 4,170
Redington 4,010
Saddleback Mtn. 4,120
Saddleback Mtn., the Horn 4,041
Spaulding 4,010
Sugarloaf Mtn. 4,250