This page answers some questions on other "big hikes", the term "Death March" is often used to describe them.

Q. What are some other big hikes?

A. In addition to the Presidential Traverse and Three Bonds in a Day there are several big hikes (15 or more miles with 4,000 or more feet of elevation gain) that are done with some regularity (the term Death March is often used for such hikes). I have listed a few, with some knowledge of the trails and a bit of imagination you can come up with many more!

Distances, Elevation Gains & Book Times for Death Marches
Route Distance Elevation Gain Book Time
Kinsman Ridge 16.9 5,900 11:25
Franconia Ridge, Osseo to Skookumchuck 15.6 5,300 10:25
Garfield Ridge and Twins, up by Garfield 15.5 5,300 10:25
Garfield Ridge and Twins, up by Skookumchuck 17.5 6,500 12:00
Mt. Washington by Davis Path 19.5 7,000 13:15
Mt. Washington by Dry River trail 15.6 5,300 10:25
Great Gulf round trip 15.8 5,000 10:25
Great Gulf and Northern Peaks 20.5 7,200 13:50
Wildcats and Carter-Moriah 17.7 7,100 12:25

Q. What are the biggest hikes that can be done?

A. All of the above hikes can be done by a merely very fit hiker. The following three hikes are considerably more strenuous, and require exceptional athletic ability.