I spent a bit more than two weeks in the Valais in the summer of 2005. While my main purpose was to have an enjoyable hiking trip I wanted to find out whether I was capable of doing the Haute Route, and to explore a few of those stages that were conveniently located. I will only describe hikes that are part of a possible Haute Route.

I spent a week in each of Arolla and Evolène, renting an apartment in each case. While I returned to my apartment almost every day I spent two nights at huts. I then shipped my bags to Geneva and went over the Col du Tsaté to the Cabane de Moiry, then next day I went over the Col de Sorebois to Zinal. Next day I explored the very scenic route from the upper Sorebois lift station to the Cabane du Petit Mountet. After that, alas, I returned to Geneva then Boston.

For each hike I include an embedded Google Map which starts up in the terrain view. You can manipulate it as you would in Google Maps; zooming in or out or dragging the map.

I also give a link to a Google Earth (.kmz) file that you may download if you have Google Earth installed on your computer. Try using the "Play Tour" button that is at the bottom of the "Places" panel; some of the tours are clearly better presented than others.

The program behaves in an intuitive way, but unless you are already familiar with it I suggest that you look at their User Guide.

Here is a list of the Haute Route related hikes I did: