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The AMC has built a chain of 8 huts, located a day's hike apart along the Appalachian Trail, which offer comfortable accommodations with bunk beds and hearty, family-style meals. The AMC web site has a substantial section on the huts, here I give hiking information that supplements what they offer. For each hut I describe the most frequently used access routes (with distances, elevation gains and book time), and some of the trips that can utilize that hut, including hut to hut trips.

The AMC operates a hiker shuttle that passes by all the trailheads used to access the huts. This allows you to plan trips where your end point is far from your starting point, even with only one car. The best way to utilize the shuttle is to drive to your destination trailhead, leave your car there and take the shuttle to your starting point. This is usually preferable to driving to your starting point, and hoping to reach your destination in time to catch a shuttle back.

The AMC Huts in Winter

Currently three of the huts at lower elevations are open in winter: Carter Notch, Zealand Falls and Lonesome Lake Huts. All operate on "self-service basis" during that period:

At AMC Self-service huts, guests provide their own food and have full use of the hut's stove, oven, and cookware to prepare their own meals. Bunks, mattresses, and pillows are provided, but blankets are not. Be sure to bring a warm sleeping bag if you're staying at a self-service hut.

In all three huts the dining and cooking areas are heated (moderately!). In the Zealand Falls Hut the bunk rooms are adjacent to the dining area so they do get some of the warmth. In the Carter Notch and Lonesome Lakes Huts the bunkrooms are in separate, unheated, buildings. A three season sleeping bag, good to 20°F, is probably adequate for Zealand Hut, while a real winter bag, rated to -20°F, is probably needed for the other two.

The Individual Huts

An excellent book about the hut system is High Huts of the White Mountains by William E. Reifsnyder, 1993, 2nd edition, ISBN 1-878239-20-1.