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Mizpah Spring Hut (elevation 3,800 feet) is a bridge between the easily accessible huts (Lonesome Lake, Zealand Falls and Carter Notch) and the more rugged high huts (Greenleaf, Galehead, Lakes of the Clouds and Madison). It shares with the former a relatively easy access, and with the latter proximity to treeline.

It can be used as a base for a large variety of trips in the Southern Presidentials, over some or all of Mts. Webster, Jackson, Pierce, Eisenhower and even Monroe. Going south, to Mts. Jackson and Webster, the trail stays in the trees except for the bare summits. Going north there is much open ridge walking between Mts. Pierce and Eisenhower, and the trail is entirely above the trees beyond Mt. Eisenhower.

The AMC web site has a page on the Mizpah Hut, with information on the hut, season of operation and rates. Here I give hiking information that supplements what they offer, describing the most frequently used access routes (with distances, elevation gains and book time), and some of the trips that can utilize the hut, including hut to hut trips.

Getting to Mizpah Hut and Back

Crawford Path and Mizpah Cutoff

This is the standard, and easiest, route to the hut (ow: 2.6 miles, 1,900 feet, 2:15). Grades are relatively easy, and the footway is relatively smooth. The Crawford Path follows the scenic Gibbs Brook part of the way, with a short side path leading to Gibbs Falls. Apart from that there are no views until the hut is reached.

Webster-Jackson and Webster Cliff Trails

The shorter way of doing this trip is by the Jackson Branch of the Webster-Jackson Trail to Mount Jackson, followed by the Webster Cliff Trail to the hut (ow: 4.3 miles, 2,150 feet, 3:15). This route is fairly easy, except for a brief scramble up to the summit of Mount Jackson, which has excellent views in all directions.

A longer way is to take the Webster Branch of the Webster Jackson Trail to the summit of Mount Webster, then take the Webster Cliff Trail over Mount Jackson to the hut (ow: 5.6 miles, 2,400 feet, 4:00). This giver great views from the summits of Mounts Webster and Jackson.

Webster Cliff Trail

This is the longest, most strenuous and most scenic route to the hut (ow: 6.4 miles, 3,000 feet, 4:40). There are great views along the Webster Cliff Trail, as well as the views from the two summits. It is a strenuous trip, with steep and rocky sections.

Getting to Mizpah Hut and Back
Route Distance Elevation Gain Book Time
To Hut by Crawford Path 2.6 1,900 2:15
To Hut by Jackson Branch 4.3 2,150 3:15
To Hut by Webster Branch 5.6 2,400 4:00
To Hut by Webster Cliff 6.4 3,000 4:40
From Hut by Crawford Path 2.6 0 1:20
From Hut by Jackson Branch 4.3 250 2:15
From Hut by Webster Branch 5.6 500 3:00
From Hut by Webster Cliff 6.4 500 3:30

Hikes From Mizpah Hut

Mount Pierce

Mount Pierce, with great views in good weather, is just 0.8 mile and 500 vertical feet (rt: 1.6 miles; 500 feet; 1:05) away from the hut by the Webster Cilff Trail. Please note that this short trail segment has some steep and rough sections.

Mount Eisenhower

Mount Eisenhower is reached by following the Crawford Path from just below the summit of Mount Pierce to the start of the Mount Eisenhower Loop, which goes to the summit (rt: 5.0 miles; 1,350 feet; 3:10). While part of the section between Mount Pierce and Mount Eisenhower is in scrub, most of it is above treeline, and in good weather offers an excellent introduction to that environment.

Mount Jackson

Mount Jackson is reached by following the Webster Cliff Trail (rt: 2.8 miles; 300 feet; 1:30). The trail is almost entirely below treeline, and rather wet in places. The summit is above treeline and has excellent views in all directions.

Mount Webster

This is the next peak south of Mount Jackson on the Webster Cliff Trail (rt: 6.2 miles; 800 feet; 3:30). You get good views from both summits, though the trail is in the woods most of the time.

Hikes From Mizpah Hut
Route Distance Elevation Gain Book Time
Mount Pierce 1.6 500 1:05
Mount Eisenhower 5.0 1,350 3:10
Mount Jackson 2.8 300 1:30
Mount Webster 62. 800 3:30

Routes to Neighboring Huts

Routes to Zealand Hut

The short route to Zealand Hut is by the Mizpah Cutoff and Crawford Path to Crawford Notch, then by the Avalon and A-Z Trails to the hut (ow: 8.1 miles; 2,000 feet; 5:00). From the height of land Mounts Tom and/or Field can be easily added to that trip.

The much longer alternative route follows the AT along the Webster Cliff Trail to Rt 302, then takes the Ethan Pond Trail to the Twinway just below the hut (ow: 13.8 miles; 2,350 feet; 8:05).

Routes to Lakes of the Clouds Hut

The basic route is to follow the Webster Cliff Trail to its end, then take the Crawford Path to the hut (ow: 4.8 miles; 1,650 feet; 3:15). This bypasses the summits of Mount Eisenhower and Mount Monroe, each of them add about 0.1 miles and 350 feet (about 0:15 hiking time).

This route is almost continuously exposed from the summit of Mount Pierce onwards; there are patches of scrub before reaching Mount Eisenhower, none after that.

From Mizpah Hut to Neighboring Huts
Route Distance Elevation Gain Book Time
To Zealand Hut by Crawford Notch 8.1 2,000 5:00
Addition for Mount Tom 1.2 350 0:45
Addition for Mount Field 1.8 650 1:15
To Zealand Hut by AT 13.8 2,350 8:05
To Lakes Hut 4.8 1,650 3:15
Addition for Mt. Eisenhower or Mt. Monroe 0.1 350 0:15