In October 2003 Sue Johnston, Thom Davis and Bob Williams started planning an attempt at setting a record for the New Hampshire 4,000 footers in winter. They started out on December 26th, and Thom injured himself that day. After taking the next day off he rejoined them, and by the time they had finished in the early hours of January 6th he had done 35 peaks. Over the next three weeks he finished the remaining peaks, with a total elapsed time of 34 days, 10 hours and 50 minutes. He has written his own very modest account of his adventure; I have extracted details from Bob Williams' daily postings to give a more complete picture of that phase.

After that he worked on the remaining peaks in a more leisurely way. Over the course of a bit more than a week he did six of the missing peaks as single peak hikes, alone:

Thom did the final seven peaks in two hikes with Cathy Goodwin. The following is taken from his write ups of those two hikes:

January 19th. N Twin, S Twin, Galehead, and Garfield. After spotting my car at the Garfield Trailhead near Five Corners, Cathy Goodwin and I left her car at the Seven Dwarfs Motel near the head of Little River Road (we always pay the owner $3) and began hiking at 9 am. All three crossings of the Little River are now well frozen over. After bare booting up to about 3000 ft, we snowshoed the rest of the way. We reached N Twin at about 12:30 pm, S Twin about 1:10 pm (just off the summit out of the wind, we stopped for a short moment of silence for Kenneth Holmes), Galehead hut about 1:35 pm, Galehead summit and back to the hut by about 2:30 pm, East Garfield Ridge Peak (3590 ft) about 3:15 pm (easy bushwhack), Garfield Ridge Trail / Garfield Trail Jct about 5:15 pm, Garfield summit 5:30 pm, Garfield trailhead at about 7:30 pm, so 10 hr, 30 min total. We skipped West Garfield Ridge Peak (3667 ft) for sake of time. One tricky spot of snow-covered water ice on steepest pitch below tent platforms on Garfield Ridge Trail (crampons would have been useful if we had them, but snowshoes and ski poles worked). Temperatures hovered around 0°F all day/evening long; wind gusts up to 20-25 mph on summits.

At 5:50 pm on Thursday, January 29th 2004, Cathy Goodwin and I completed a traverse of S&M Carter (no pun intended) and Moriah at the C-M Trailhead in Gorham, after departing the 19-Mile Brook Trailhead at 9:30 am. We bare-booted the first part of the route until we began encountering snowdrifts up to 4 ft deep on the C-M Trail just north of the North Carter Trail Jct., which led us to don snowshoes for the remainder of the hike. Temperatures hovered around 0°F the entire day, with wind gusts pushing high 30s and low 40s mph on the ledges south of Moriah. Cathy used a pocket anemometer to measure a steady 27 mph wind speed on the summit of Moriah, but that was after higher gusts had relented.

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